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Welcome to Comprehensive Health Care

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Prospective Patients

Dr. Matejka sees patients from all walks of life – from the very young (a few weeks old) to the elderly. The conditions that he addresses are too numerous to include here. There are thousands of symptoms that people get that cause them not to function to their full capacity. Many of those symptoms are linked to the same problem gone awry, such as a hormonal imbalance, a digestive problem, a low immune system, or many others.

Dr. Matejka’s practice focuses on, but is not limited to, the following:

·         Acute and chronic pain conditions > from the accident that just happened to the pain you’ve had for years that doesn’t respond to any other treatment.

·         Hormonal imbalances (pre & post menopause women’s health issues, thyroid and adrenal disorders, PMS)

·         Arthritic and autoimmune diseases

·         Digestive disturbances (irritable bowel, food intolerances, heartburn, etc.)

·         Low energy / fatigue (from not enough energy to chronic fatigue syndrome)

·         Sleep difficulties / disturbances (insomnia, awakening in mid-sleep, night sweats, restlessness)

·         Chemical sensitivities / food allergies

·         Immune system dysfunctions – frequent colds & infections, chronic immune suppression issues

·         Children, with a special understanding of those with developmental delays and Autism Spectrum Challenges

·         Athletes, from the beginner to the elite; increasing performance, overcoming injuries (chronic and acute), preventing injuries, recovering faster

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